Top 10 natural disasters

Top 10 Natural Disasters Of The Century

Did you ever felt that the ground rolls like an ocean wave or shakes back and forth? Did you ever felt a Sharp jolt? If you have experienced it first hand, you must have known the dreadful nightmare.

Over time, there has been a variety of natural disasters. They are not over and will continue. The devastating, awful and long-lasting ones have really made history.

Welcome back, Thinkers. Well, you are on the right track to feed your hungry minds. Here we unfold all the mysteries hiding up our sleeves. We’re counting down our picks today for the Top 10 natural disasters of the century.

Vow me that you would glide till the number 1 to find the scariest places. Trust me, it is one of the goosebump-inducing sites I have ever seen.

From tornadoes to floods, there are more than enough that mankind could hold. Yep, we must be aware that natural sisters are not over. Moreover, you never know when it can strike. History has proven that most of these catastrophes were not something that people considered would ever ensue to them.

10. Haiti Earthquake of 2010

Haiti Earthquake of 2010 - Top 10 natural disasters

One of the strongest earthquakes that the world has ever seen. With a magnitude of 7.0 is one of the recent natural disasters. With over 200 million dead and many casualties, this earthquake has just put the whole world in shock. Over 1.5 million were displaced, and they are still homeless today.

We might forget this date, January 12, 2010, but the people in Haiti would never erase it from their life. Many countries reacted to appeals for pledging funds, humanitarian aid, and dispatching rescue and medical teams and support personnel.

9. Camp Fire of 2018

Camp Fire of 2018 - Top 10 natural disasters

The most destructive and deadliest that cost California in 2018. It is one of the world’s most fatal fires ever. According to local reports, the fire was started in the early hours of November 8 in arid and windy conditions. Things got intense when they quickly swept through the northern California town of Paradise.

Thousands were seen running for their lives along the few escape ways. Not only did it leaves 85 dead, but it also burned almost 153,336 acres. Shocking, right? According to the reports, it left 14,000 residences homeless leaving almost zero left of the townlet.

A piece of quick advice from our team remembers to pack your essential documents in a small bag. ON to the next one

8. Hurricane Katrina of 2005

Hurricane Katrina of 2005

You must have probably heard of this one. This was one of the deadliest earthquakes hit on the gulf coast. Not only leaving devastating effects but also many people lost their lives. Estimated over 81 billion dollars to be repaired after the disaster.

From the Gulf Coast to the Ohio Valley, the horrific tragedy set off a series of 59 tornadoes through the span of just six days that tore across nine states. Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi were also damaged, in addition to Louisiana. It has impacted about 15 million people. Winds actually beat 175 mph at its peak as a Category 5 hurricane.

7. Cyclone Nargis

Cyclone Nargis

This happened in Myanmar badly on May 2, 2008. The densely populated Irrawaddy River delta in Myanmar has washed away and caused death for almost 140,000 people.

After typhoon Nina in 1975, this was one of the deadliest cyclones the world had ever witnessed, generating around $10 billion in damages. The terrible cyclone has also killed more than 200,000 farm animals, including 120,000 used by farmers to shove their pastures. Even after one year, WFP was still supplying food to cyclone survivors.

6. Thailand, Floods

Thailand, Floods - Top 10 natural disasters

Raining might actually be pleasant to watch. But what if it turns to be a nightmare? In 2011, Thailand was flooded by record rainfall during the monsoon season. According to the Royal Meteorological Society, it was the highest in its 61-year precipitation record.

You might have thought that this disaster hasn’t killed any? Well, sadly, the answer is no. Taking the lives of more than 800 people became more intense by wiping about 6 million hectares of industrial, agricultural, and residential lands. Insufficient control of the main dams in Thailand ruled overtopping and discharging more water.

5. 2008 China Earthquake

2008 China Earthquake

Also called as Wenchuan earthquake or Great Wenchuan Earthquake. On May 12, 2008, china saw the biggest earthquake that ever struck them. Took life of more than 800000 people was measured 7.6 on a richter scale.

Millions of people were left homeless. Hundreds no thousands of them were buried under the rubble of crushed communities. Absolute nightmare, RIght? Factories, schools, homes were crumpled.

It was reported that it took armies and rescue teams a considerable effort to reach southwestern China’s areas.

Brisk guidance if you were in an earthquake position. Try to take cover under a sturdy table or other pieces of furniture. 

4. East Africa Drought, 2011

East Africa Drought, 2011

In the past 60 years, this one has been named the worst drought cause threatening livelihoods across Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya. It is estimated it has caused about 11.5 million people to the food crisis. Things got intense when many refugees from southern Somalia escaped to Kenya and Ethiopia.

This had made a panic situation over there, which eventually led to unsanitary conditions. Along with severe malnutrition led to a large number of deaths. East Africa, including Sudan, South Sudan, and Uganda, were too affected by starvation.

3. Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey - Top 10 natural disasters

Hurricane Harvey took place back in 2017. Considered a Category 4 storm. It became the country’s first major — Category 3 or higher. It hit the Louisiana-Texas border.

The storm actually damaged the U.S. record for rainfall from a single storm.

This had become more extreme when the known human carcinogens were among the dozens of tons of industrial toxic substances discharged into wrapping neighborhoods and waterways following Harvey’s torrential rains. According to The texas, 2017 was one of the most expensive years on record for disasters. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria all happened in the same year.

2. Drought in The United States

Drought in The United States

Back in 2012, almost two-thirds of the continental U.S. was encircled by drought. Defeats were primarily agricultural. It was mainly due to a lack of soil moisture. Even livestock was not spared.

Since 1928-1930 it was the first time U.S. corn yield fell in three consecutive years. The dry conditions continued throughout the winter of 2011/2012 for most U.S. Images of a very dry and dusty might make you feel clumsy.

1. Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

The disaster back in 2011 in Tohoku, Japan, has literally shaken the whole world. YOu might have probably heard of this one. The magnitude was around 9.0. Surprised?

Well, yeah, I am. But it is okay. It is one of the strongest that was ever recorded in their history.

The situation was even more terrible when followed by a tsunami and hundreds of aftershocks. It left millions and millions dead, injured or might be missing.

According to an analysis of the damages, about 128,530 and 240,332 houses are considered totally ruined or half destroyed. This was a disaster that could have even caused a nuclear catastrophe.

After the terrible tragedy, the food was reported to have raised radiation levels in some local food and water supplies. Within minutes of the earthquake, the tsunami waves were just as a threatening gas a horror movie.

It was reported that tsunami waves that touched JAPAN were as high as 23.6 m, approximately 77ft. 

We do offer consolations to the ones who faced their deaths. The arena is much worse for people who survived. There is the devastating family and loss of homes.

The cost of cleanup and reconstruction is mind-boggling. It appears that the more the planet goes around, the more disaster strikes. Be prepared as possible as you can 

Which disaster has shook your soul? What precautions have you taken to face such calamities? Remember to have a local radio. You can even lend a helping hand to the sufferers.

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