Why Is the Best Landing Page Important For ECommerce Success

Why Is the Best Landing Page Important For ECommerce Success?

With the increased popularity of the internet, the E-commerce industry has grown over the past decades. It has been estimated that the industry will grow at a CAGR of 14.7% from 2020 to 2027.

However, setting up ECommerce businesses and its success doesn’t come in handy. From building a business model to marketing strategies, your business goals should be aligned to cater to your customer needs, and that is where Landing Page comes in – a highly optimized and clear page can act as a conversion catalyst for your business. 

Landing pages can help you to attract new customers and generate new leads & conversions.

But wait a minute! Do you even know what a landing page is? How does it work? Or why is the landing page important for ECommerce success? 

Let’s dig deep into all you need to know about the landing page.

What Is A Landing Page In E-Commerce?

What Is A Landing Page In E-Commerce

A landing page is like a digital flyer that attracts or grabs your customers’ attention. It helps to convert your prospective online customer and people to recognize your business’s products or services.

Mostly landing pages are an initial insight into a brand’s services that further influence the customer’s buying decisions.

However, creating a landing page to align with your business objective and market demands is not an easy thing. It needs to be polished with the right SEO optimized content and page design to serve the right intent and brand image. All this work is important to attract and capture more conversions.

Top 4 Types Of ECommerce Landing Pages:

It is not just about creating a landing page; it is about choosing the right intent according to the unique needs of your services and the customer you are targeting. That means not all the landing pages are designed just to give visitors information of what your business is about but also how they are targeting visitors/customers?

What that means is creating a landing page for the first-timer visitor is different than creating it for the users turned into customers. From increasing brand awareness to convincing customers to purchase more, each landing page is designed by focusing on some unique objectives. 

Here are 4 types of landing pages you need to know before jumping to make one.

Top Of The Funnel

The top of the funnel landing pages is just an introduction of your brand to new visitors. These are basically designed to attract audiences who are unaware of your brand but can be attracted to it. Top of funnel landing page can have

  • Your business story or mission
  • Problems you solve with your products/services
  • Positive customer reviews to develop credibility

Mid Funnel

Mid-funnel landing pages are designed for visitors interested or developing interest in your business but have not yet converted. Sometimes they even had purchased from you but still, feel confused about buying more. Such visitors need more convincing, and the landing page can have

  • Content narrowed down to more specific products with attractive headlines.
  • Positive feedbacks of satisfied customers already using that specific product or services.
  • Limited Edition products to create a sense of urgency that provoke instant actions.
  • Call to action (CTA) like a button that says “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” to make the purchasing decision quick and easier.


Bottom-funnel landing pages are designed to upsell, convincing customers who added products to the cart but for some reason are hesitant to buy. Such customers are convinced into buying by providing additional perks. So the content on this page revolves around

  • Other related items to be purchased together
  • Cart abandonment discount
  • Bundle Offers

Customer Retention

Retaining new customers is as important as attracting new customers. This page is designed to make old customers stay loyal to you and keep them coming back. This page doesn’t have to care about giving your business details as it is treating people who are customers and know about your business. So this page can have

  • Loyalty incentives (Points, stars, or gifts on purchase)
  • Sneak peek at upcoming products
  • Privileges of early access to exclusive deals or sales
  • Related product pages considering previous purchases
  • Customer referral opportunities

How Does A Good Landing Page Help in ECommerce Success?

How Does A Good Landing Page Help in ECommerce Success

While Landing page design may seem time-consuming, it is one of the most important steps towards a successful business. Here are some more reasons to explain why the best landing page is important for ECommerce success.

Generate Potential Leads

Many eCommerce store owners make one big mistake: directing traffic to homepages – Nothing is more a waste of marketing or SEO efforts than this approach.

Landing pages are crucial to attracting and keeping potential traffic to generate further leads. Moreover, the leads that are generated through landing pages are easier to nurture, segment, and distribute to the sales team.

Insight Into Valuable And Actionable Data

Landing pages are the best source of collecting data necessary to contact leads. This can be done by lead capturing tools. For example, when a visitor fills up the form with name, email, and other information, it helps you have a good idea of your visitors/customers, their demographics, and then you can align them with your conversion rate optimization funnel.

Note: Avoid asking for too much personal information as it can sabotage the form’s purpose by leaving a negative impression. Chances are they will turn away from your landing page even before taking any serious or required action.

Deliver Excellent User Experience

A good landing page means a better user experience. No one prefers to buy from a business that is unable to understand the needs. What that means is if it’s too difficult for the user to contact, make an appointment, access products, or make a purchase, they will go looking for someone else. This will further lead to a high bounce rate, low conversions, and low site duration.

A well-designed landing page that lets your potential customers not bounce back helps you save – as they are easy, to the point, and speak clearly of the brand’s objective. So the rightly done landing page is what makes or mar your first impression.

Track & Monitor Engagements

Besides generating new leads, landing pages also help you keep track of conversions and reconversions. You can track who is your consistent and loyal customer or who is more engaged. Such identifications are important for good insight into your customer’s behaviour. Because it helps you and your team improve your efforts and make the user experience better than before 

Clarity and control

A good landing page works in your favour like no other thing.

What does it mean? Landing pages are clear, to the point, and free from clutter. This clarity helps you control visitors by clearly speaking to them. Whatever your call to action says, either it directs a visitor to purchase, sign up or get started if they press it, you are making them do what you want with their own willingness.

Helps in Decision Making

Ecommerce is not like restaurant menus – the more, the better. No, if the users have to decide from too many options, chances are they don’t make any decision at all that leads to a higher bounce rate.

But thanks to the specificness of landing pages, they eliminate distractions and navigational options. The fewer the options, the easier it is for your customer to decide. This ultimately makes, convince, or direct visitors to reach a make or breakpoint. But primarily, your call to action works in favour of Make point.

Other Marketing Channels

Marketing strategies are primarily about effective content, and landing pages work as a cherry on top of this. They can easily be linked to Social media platforms, PPC ads, targeted for email marketing, and can be optimized for search.

Insight into your Marketing Efforts

You should not just keep on making efforts but know which effort is working in your favour and which is not. Landing pages are the best source of getting insight into how effective are your sales or marketing efforts as you can track and analyze the metrics that come with them. So the powerful and in-depth insights help you change, improve, or optimize your strategies and efforts in an even better way.

8 Best Strategies To Consider While Creating A Landing Page For ECommerce Success:

8 Best Strategies To Consider While Creating A Landing Page For ECommerce Success

1. On Offer at a Time

If you want to generate potential leads, you should not throw too much at customers at once. Always place one offer at a time so that the customer/visitor should not get too confused to make any purchase at all. Keep it simple and attractive to grab the attention of your customers. 

2. Multiple Call To Actions

The number of offers doesn’t align with the number of call-to-action buttons. That means, although focusing on one offer is essential, place multiple CTA buttons. 

Each button should be placed in different positions over the landing page, featuring the same CTA. It helps visitors move around easily wherever they want to go. An excellent customer experience will lead to more conversions.

3. Keep It Simple

The landing page should be simple, focused, and organized to engage, introduce, and educate. That means, avoid clutter and distractions – As great product pages have a lot of white spaces, sparse text, to-the-point headlines, and of course, mind-blowing imagery that doesn’t move the eyes away from the offer so that it convinces people into hitting the buy button without a second thought.

4. Eliminate Distracting Nevigation

Your landing page should not have any click-through distraction other than to-the-point, focused, and clear CTAs. Otherwise, it will move customers instead from converting to distraction. In such matters, the best thing to do is eliminate site navigation from landing pages. It will keep them from roaming around other pages and taking action on the landing page.

5. Mention Pricing

If it is not about a signup or register type of landing page but centred directly on sales, always mention prices. When customers can see the price, it’s easier to decide. Not mentioning price only creates mystery and anxiety, and the chances are that many of them will leave without even inquiring about price. However, if you put a price in an easy, scannable, and presentable way, conversions can be increased dramatically.

6. Provide Shipping Information

You should be transparent in whatever you offer. A lack of transparency will not favour you in any way. Most people try to find out the shipping cost before they jump to hit the buy button. If it’s too fraudulent or unexpected, it will lead to cart abandonment or customers moving away from your business to someone else with better transparency.

So always mention a reasonable shipping cost, so your conversion rate should be higher than your bounce rate.

7. Offer Free Shipping

People tend to buy more and unburdened if they have to spend nothing on shipping costs. It’s such an important point that it can even influence the buying decision. It works as an incentive to purchase more often. Although it can cut a big piece from your profit margin, it can pay you back dramatically in the long run if you can afford it.

8. Post Videos

Landing pages are created to deliver your message to your potential and prospective customers. So videos are the best way to tell why a consumer should buy or take the required action. This is the best way to drop crucial information immediately.

Moreover, 7 out of 10 people watch videos while shopping online. So if you want to increase your eCommerce conversion rate, videos are crucial.


I hope this article has helped you answer the important questions related to landing pages – Leveraging the right and best strategies mentioned above, you can create a highly convertible landing page for your business. 

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