Useful Android Apps For Office

Top 5 Useful Android Apps For Office

Almost 70-80% of people use smartphones in today’s world. Android evolves every year, and so do the apps. There are tons of android apps out there that make our life easier, faster and better. Here we will tell you 5 USEFUL ANDROID APPS For Office which you shouldn’t miss.

So let’s start!

WPS Office

The 1st app in the list of 5 USEFUL ANDROID APPS For Office is WPS OFFICE.

If you are looking for an Office Suites that will fulfill your needs without spending too much money on MS Office, this app is for you. This app’s interface is incredibly user-friendly, which allows you to do your work without any problem. 

About the app

This is one of the USEFUL ANDROID APPS For Office which let you create high-quality documents. It is a free and fast Office Suites which provides three known applications -Writer, Presentations and Spreadsheets. It’s accessible in 45 different languages.

Its features :

1. The best feature of this app is, it is compatible with almost all well-known formats.

2. It lets you open, view, create, edit and save almost all document formats.(DOC, DOCX, TXT, PPT,PPTX etc.)

3. You don’t need to have an internet connection when using it, and it works perfectly fine and saves your data.

4. The text editing application also delivers a tabbed view feature. Multiple documents can be checked and managed from a single screen with this feature. As a result, users can edit multiple documents at the same time.

5. You can email your documentation with ease or share it anywhere.

Go Files

In today’s time, all of us need a sharing app to share our files, photos, videos etc. and an app that can manage our storage, clean junk files, and unwanted cache and duplicate files. For this, you don’t need to install two apps.

Go Files is the alternative to Share it and Xender like apps.

Let's take a tour of some of its core features :

1. This app helps you send photos, share videos and transfer large files at an enormous speed.

2. It also provides a feature for cleaning out junk files and cache to boost your phone memory and performance.

3. This app provides a Folder lock feature that allows you to protect your images, videos and documents from being accessed by others by asking 4. digit pin every time you open the folder. 

4. Instead of having to clear individual app cache manually, this app helps to remove the supply of all your apps in one go. 

5. This app comes with the built-in feature of finding and removing duplicate files and helps you free up your space.

6. You can make your phone faster by moving large files directly into an SD card.

Swiftkey Keyboard

The 3rd app in the 5 USEFUL ANDROID APPS For Office list is Microsoft Swiftkey.

Swiftkey Keyboard uses artificial intelligence to learn and predict what the user intends to type. It fulfills all typing tastes, with free designs and a wide range of themes to fit any style. Type and text any way you like, with swipe-to-type, tap-to-type, predictive emojis, Gifs, etc.

Top features of Swiftkey Keyboard that you should know:

1. Swiftkey Keyboard provides plenty of free themes. You can also make your custom keyboard theme with your photo as background.

2. It supported 500+ languages, and added to this, you can also use five different languages at a time. It seems pretty interesting. 

3. This keyboard is designed to improve the ease and accuracy of typing, no matter what you type. It uses advanced error correction and grammar features. From now no need to worry about typos.

4. What good if your keyboard app has only one way of typing. Swiftkey supports an additional feature known as Flow. For this, you have to drag your fingers across letters to form a word.

5. Gesture support is another cool feature that allows you to delete a word when you swipe left or hide the keyboard on swiping down. But only one of these can work at a time. 

Doc Scanner

After banning the Chinese app “Cam Scanner,” we all search for a scanning app that can scan our documents without compromising the quality. 

An Indian scanner app “Doc Scanner” provides more than 50 tools to edit and manage your documents. This app does its job extremely easy and offers advanced features that you’ll find in any different scanning app.

let's glance over some of its important features :

1. By having the app on your phone, you can save your time and effort to scan any document with high scanning quality.

2. You can use different colour filters that enhance your docs’ visibility.

3. The app offers a cloud storage feature to upload your docs in the cloud-like -Google drives.

4. You can adjust page settings according to yourself ( Page margin, Page size and page orientation).

5. This app provides password features to protect your documents.

6. You can add signature and watermarks to your documents.

Your Phone Companion

The last app in the 5 USEFUL ANDROID APPS For Office list is Your Phone Companion. If you want to enjoy your phone’s notifications, calls, apps, photos, and text on your PC, your Phone Companion App will help you do so.

For this, you have to install the Your Phone Companion -Link to Windows app on your Android phone and link it with the Your Phone app on your Windows PC. 

Some significant features of the Your Phone Companion app:-

1. Now, you can make and receive calls from your PC with the help of this app.

2. You can enjoy your favourite mobile apps on your PC’s bigger screen and can also manage notifications on your mobile.

3. Emailing yourself photos to download them onto your PC is often a bothering task. Your Phone app makes this process easier by letting you access up to 2000 recent of your smartphone photos directly into your PC.

4. This app helps you to drag files between your PC and Phone.

5. Read and reply to text messages from your PC.

Thank you for reading!

These are the 5 USEFUL ANDROID APPS For Office. Try out these apps and If you are already using these apps, please comment below and share your opinion with us.

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