Google Pixel Series-A Earbuds

Google Pixel Series-A Earbuds

The Google Pixel series-A earbuds are a desirable item. In some ways, the pixel series-A is appealing because it offers a significant price reduction and a somewhat more comfortable design than its predecessor. This series-A buds costs $99, which is less than the previous one. 

This post will answer the most common question that most people have. They should either acquire Google Pixel earbuds (series A) or not! The following evaluations will not be like fictional reviews; instead, we will test them ourselves and examine them as thoroughly as possible. You can rely on us since we value quality and honesty.  


The google pixel A series earphones have a very identical design. However, Google’s design includes several added functionality. As seen in series-A, Google decreases the size and makes it comfier than the old ones. They make these buds dependable, allowing you to employ them in various scenarios. 

This feature, as well as others, will be discussed in the next section of this essay. However, Google adds a stabilizing wing to the earlier model to provide a better and softer grip. Small pressure release valves on these earphones prevent the plugged-in feeling that some people dislike with regular earbuds.

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing Google Earbuds?

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing Google Earbuds

Here’s the huge question that everyone wants to know the answer to. Why should you purchase the Google series-A earbuds? We don’t want to take up too much of your time with this. As a result, let’s start with the reasons why it makes sense to choose Google’s pixel earbuds over other earbuds.

1. Grip of the Google Pixel series A Earbuds

Google Pixel Series-A Earbuds- Grip of the Google Pixel series A Earbuds

The most appealing feature of these buds is their grip. Their stabilizing wings provide a comfortable soft-grip. This means you can use Google earphones while riding your bike, exercising, cooking, and more. 

I’m afraid that completing such chores will cause me to lose any of my earbuds. So, if you’re concerned about the same things, these earbuds are ideal for you. Now is the time to place your order!

2. Google Assistant

Google Pixel Series-A Earbuds- Google Assistant

The majority of people are familiar with Google Assistant and how it works. However, most people are unaware of how useful Google Assistant will become when they use Google’s A-series earbuds. 

The most amazing aspect of the Google Pixel earphones is this. You can use your headphones to control your Google Assistant, modify the volume of your music, and successfully translate. This feature also allows you to check the battery life of your headphones. 

All you have to do is ask your Google Assistant, “How much battery life do my earbuds have left?” The Google Assistant will then display the percentage of your buds’ battery life. Isn’t it incredible? Yes, it is!

The sound of a pop-up notification in your headphones is like a hammer in your skull. That does not sit well with anyone. By directing your Google Assistant using Google’s headphones, you can turn off the sound of pop-up notifications. 

On the other hand, Apple users can use Google Series A earbuds to get the same services. All users have to speak to Alexa, which has the same features like Google Assistant. Isn’t that reason enough for you to purchase one? Let’s take another deep dive if that isn’t the case.

3. Using an App to Control

Using an App to Control

Google earphones can be managed using a smartphone app that distinguishes them from other earbuds. The Google earphones app is free to download from the Google Play Store. You can look at the app before acquiring your buds if you want to.

On the other hand, the app provides great control over Google earphones. For example, there are numerous choices for controlling your buds’ music volume. The Google Pixel earbuds app, for example, has a ‘Base Boost Option.’ There are no earphones in the same price range that provide you with such alternatives.

By selecting this option, you will experience a mind-blowing extra-base of sound. If I want to describe how Google Pixel apps work, I’ll need a lot more time or perhaps a new article. So, why should you buy Google Pixel Series A earbuds because of the app controls? I believe you have a good notion of whether or not these earbuds are worth purchasing.

4. Water and Sweat Resistance

Google Pixel Series-A Earbuds-Water and Sweat Resistance

The water-resistant quality of earbuds is a common concern or even fear or constraint. We cannot utilize our earbuds during exercise or other physical activity due to sweat or water resistance worries. 

Google earbuds are the answer to these issues. The Google earphones series A is extremely sweat and water-resistant. You can use them without fear throughout any physical exercise.

5. System of Automatic Pause

Alas! I WAS TAKEN ABACK when I first saw this feature on Google’s earphones. Let’s imagine you have Google earbuds in your ears and are listening to a Bob Marley song. 

One of my favourite performers and singers. However, if one of your buds is disconnected for some reason, the music will be instantly halted. The would-be has come to a halt till you rearrange your earpiece. This is a fantastic feature on the Google Pixel earbuds series A, and the automated Pause mechanism will come in handy in various situations.

6. The action of Touch/Tap Control

You get a precise, efficient, and elegant touch control button on Google’s Pixel earbuds series A. This touch control panel is truly great as an alternate way to control Google’s buds. These touch panels have a one-of-a-kind light that illuminates Google’s logo. 

These touch panels may manage various tasks, including double-tap to forward, single tab to pause, call logs control, and more. This isn’t the best feature of the Google Pixel Buds, in my opinion, considering many other earbuds have the same element. This feature is appealing and competent in general.

7. Longevity of the Battery

Battery life is one of the most important considerations for earbud customers because if the battery life is poor, all other features are rendered useless. Google is an international corporation, and they are fully aware of this. 

As a result, their pixel earbuds series A have incredible battery capabilities. The Google earbuds feature a 5-hour active battery life, which means the earbuds can be used for 5 hours. Furthermore, the earphones’ casing can store nearly 20 hours of battery life. Overall, the Google Series A earbuds feature a 24-hour battery life, which is fantastic. 

In addition, Google has added a new feature to its earbuds’ battery life. That means you can wear Google earbuds for three hours after only 15 minutes of charging. I’ve rarely seen a function like this in other earbuds. This functionality will allow Google to take over the earbud market.

8. Excellent Audio Quality

What are earbuds used for if the sound quality isn’t good? Many firms provide earbuds with poor audio quality. Some of Google’s previous earphones have similar issues. The sound quality of the series A earphones, on the other hand, is outstanding. If you use series A earphones at full volume, you’ll feel like you’re in a high-quality sound station.

9. High-quality dual microphones and a professional appearance

Another useful aspect of Google’s earbuds that draws customers is the dual mic quality. On their series A earphones, Google includes a dual microphone. The call quality of these earbuds is improved as a result.


However, as much as its style and look are concerned, Google pixel series-A earbuds came up with a prime look and are lightweight. The earphones case is stylish and convenient to carry. They included an Android charger and three sizes of additional silicone tips. The series-A earphones from Google are now available in two colours: soft white and soft grey. – Google Pixel series-A earbuds

Why Should You Avoid Purchasing Google Pixel Series-A Earbuds?

Avoid Purchasing Google Pixel Series-A Earbuds

Now let’s move on to the second most common question: Why shouldn’t you buy Google Pixel Series-A earbuds? The only causes we notice during the earbuds’ route are as follows.

i. Active Voice Cancelation Isn't Available:

When we compare the price of this earbud to the cost of other conventional earbuds, we notice that these earbuds do not include an active voice cancelling option. Customers’ most common trading request to manufacturers is active voice cancellation. 

Active voice cancellation is a feature that filters out background noise that can injure your ears and replaces it with the clarity of a clear call. This function can also be used to filter unpleasant sounds. Customers may get this feature on earbuds for almost the same price, such as Apple’s latest AirPods ($100). 

For example, if you want to use Google pixel series-A buds in busy environments to protect your ears, or if you’re going to use them in conference calls to drown out background noise, these earbuds are not for you. If you are one of these people, you should try the alternative. However, if you aren’t, the Google earphones series-A are ideal. – Google Pixel series-A earbuds

ii. Price: To Some Extent

Pricing is also a factor in deciding whether or not to purchase Google’s Pixel series-A headphones. When comparing their prices to previous Google earphones, we can find significant savings. 

Google is attempting to make the Series A buds more dependable for their clients. Nonetheless, the cost is exorbitant. This could be one of the reasons why you should avoid purchasing the Google Pixel series-A earbuds.


Google has developed several products to strengthen its grip on the tech sector in the recent past. They recently released the Pixel earphones series-A, which has some outstanding features. I made a list of all the factors that purchasers consider while deciding whether or not to purchase these earbuds. Should they get the Google Series-A earbuds? 

Overall, the Google series-A earbuds are appealing and have several unique features, including a stabilizing wing, Google Assistant/Alexa control, an attractive design, water resistance, app control, amazing sound quality, and more. All of these are advantages of the Google Series-A earbuds. 

On the other hand, these earbuds lack active voice cancellation, which is a turnoff for individuals who want to use them in noisy environments.

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