How to Increase Instagram Followers

How to Increase Instagram Followers

Increasing Instagram Followers is not just numbering nowadays. It has become an online community for your Content, business opportunities, and popularity. And we know how your popularity can turn your market value onto the sky.

That is why we are here to share some best tips to increase your Instagram follower – without paying to anyone and spamming comments.

Tips to Increase Instagram Followers

1. Make More Instagram Reels

The most significant opportunity to grow your follower count is to create trending Instagram reels under your niche, and if you are not even doing this till now, you should start right today.

It’s in fashion, getting billions of eyeballs every day.

If you don’t know, Reels are short-form videos with a maximum of 60 seconds. It comes in loop video features where users can engage more and have related Content one after again.

This means the more you create reels, the maximum you have the chance to reach your audience. 

Increase Instagram Followers- reels

For the best results:

  • Upload an Instagram reel with the best keywords and hashtags 
  • Use trending music
  • Create original and unique Content with creativity
  • Shoot or create Instagram reels with high-quality video footage

Even if your business doesn’t feel like an obvious fit for Reels, there are still ways to see success.
Use trending sounds while working with your colleagues, your customer reviews, and find out with your creativity.

2. Make your profile clear and vivid for a user-first experience

A well-planned Instagram Feed that showcases your idea and niche is key to holding your user on your profile and converting them into followers.

Your Instagram account grid helps you convert 30% of users to profile. You can increase the conversion rate simply by designing your post.

Increase Instagram Follower

Try how your posts look in your Instagram grid and how clear they are to first-time users.

3. Use a caption that optimizes search

Optimizing your caption in search of the user is the primary element to increase Instagram followers. 

Update from Instagram, 

Users from 6 English-speaking countries can now search on Instagram using keywords. Instagram spokesperson via The Verge and team includes – captions, type of Content when it posted all the factors with highest quality content that’s relevant can help you find by users.


Increase Instagram Followers- Instagram search

So, give your power hour and focus on caption writing, and then you can post that according to timing when your posts get maximum reach.

4. Hashtags are the king

Hashtags are an essential tool to increase your post’s reach to the new users who may be engaged in your post just because they follow the same hashtags or their interest matches.

Choose hashtags related to your niche.
Choosing hashtags is essential because posting with popular hashtags (Million+ followers hashtags) can hide your post because of posts traffic.

10k+ followers hashtags are best with decent followers, and your post will get engagement.

Increase Instagram Followers- Hashtags are the king

5. Instagram Giveaway

Start hosting an Instagram giveaway if you want to grow your Instagram followers fast.

With the right tactics and strategy of the giveaway, you can reach thousands of new users on Instagram.

You can quickly build a strong sense of community for your brand.

Increase Instagram Followers- Instagram Giveaway (1) (1)

Make sure you create easy and precise joining requirements that support your growth goals.

Promote that by tagging your friends in comments, sharing stories and reels.
Giveaway will be beneficial when you partner with another creator or brand that shares his audience with you, which leads users to follow your Instagram account.

6. Collaborate with Influencers and Brands

Increase Instagram Followers- Influencers and Brands

Collaborating with Influencers and brands is a win-win for both.
You’ll benefit from the brand association and reach a new pool of users to increase Instagram followers on your account.

You don’t have to break the bank for collaboration with influencers and brands. You can do just by setting mutual benefits for each other.

You don’t have to work with big influencers to gather traffic to your profile. Moreover, Nano and micro Influencers have higher engagement rates than macro Influencers and naturally have low-rate cards for sponsored posts.

7. Create shareable Content

Creating Engaging Content is the key, but it will be a real bingo if you start getting a share on your Content.

Memes are high in shares, Inspirational & Motivational Quotes, Facts, and something unique but your creativity. It only takes one viral post of you to reach thousands of new users.

Memes are a great example of shareable Content because it is likable for the majority of the audience. Funny, innovative, and humorous memes are great to post, or you can modify them according to your niche.

Increase Instagram Followers- Create shareable Content

It will boost your target audience, and users will come to your profile several times to share your created memes or other Content.

8. Promote Your Instagram Account on Different Platforms

Getting traffic from other platforms is a great way to increase Instagram followers. YouTube shorts, TikTok, Clash, and other social networks are platforms for getting new Instagram users.


Increase Instagram Followers- Promote Your Instagram Account on Different Platforms

Start creating content for these platforms with the same branded hashtags and profile name.

This helps Instagram users to recognize your Instagram profile, and there will be an excellent chance to increase Instagram followers from other social networks.

9. Encourage Using Branded Hashtag

Encourage your community to create content and post with your branded hashtags, and you can tag them in your Instagram stories.

Increase Instagram Followers- Encourage Using Branded Hashtag (1) (1)

So when next time they post, they will feel motivated to use your branded hashtag. Instagram stories stay for 24 hours, so it best way to cross promote each other’s Instagram content.

10. Post More Consistently

When it comes to growing an Instagram account, Consistency is the name of the rule. 

Post More Consistently

Recently Instagram gave data that there are daily 81 M Instagram posts comes. So you can have the new ideas, Explore page. Stay updated with Instagram adding and continue to grow.

11. Avoid Fake Instagram Followers

You can easily find between the Instagram account, which has fake and legitimate followers or having organic followers if you can just find by seeing no engaged audience on the posts, likes and comments. So it’s nothing for Instagram to find out about fake and real account followers.

Avoid Fake Instagram Followers

If users come to an Instagram feed account with have thousands of fake followers, it will directly send them a message of low account’s credibility. Users are becoming so aware of social media platforms nowadays. Try Building trust and long-lasting relationships with an engaged audience.


12. Convert Your Audience for business opportunities

Increasing Instagram followers is a marketing strategy for many businesses or business people. Like the fashion industry, many companies get their 50%+ leads from Instagram. 

It might seem more straightforward to buy Instagram followers, but your acquired bot or fake new followers won’t have purchasing power. People follow brands & businesses on Instagram for a reason. Users like and follow what they are posting or your business. 

Convert Your Audience for business opportunities

Users are bringing monetary value to their business. Buy Instagram accounts are working great, and you can have ideas just by exploring how they are selling their product and service, building brand awareness.

We hope you enjoyed our article about how to increase Instagram followers. Instagram is a great platform for sharing your content and growing your business. This article provides some great tips for increasing the number of followers on Instagram and growing your brand in general.

Start following some tips from today and you will definitely increase Instagram followers at a good pace.

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