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Display Advertisements, often known as a banner ad, is a container or ‘poster’ on a webpage that leaves a lasting impression of the webpage and is an advertisement regarding its own or any other product. 

Creative Digital Marketing frequently includes a brochure and logo with different animations and eye-catching text that can help any business attain a better stage and value. Basic fixed pictures and transitions to films and intuitive programs are examples of display advertisements and display marketing.

However, one thing stays constant: when users click on them, they take them to an agency’s webpage or a specific post-click landing webpage.

Businesses utilize display advertisements to introduce their commodity to new target consumers or to notify pre-existing customer base about a brand or new product.

In contrast to conventional media types for increasing your reach, display advertisements let businesses connect to customers where they invest a considerable amount of their time, which is increasingly on their digital devices. When a customer is browsing a site, companies tend to attain attention by putting up a situationally interactive and personalized display advertisement. 

Hence, the purpose of making a consumer aware of the company’s product is fulfilled.

Display advertising is frequently found in specific areas of websites and social networking sites, and they are often shown as a web banner advertisement (video or normal text). Display ads encompass all promotional activities, from those with text format to those with visually appealing animations.

One can use SEO services provided by various SEO consultants. This can help you better understand the use of display advertisements and help you produce the most effective display advertisements and tailor them according to your needs.

Types of Display Advertisements

Types of Display Advertisements

Fixed Screen Display Ads

A static display ad is a graphic advertisement or a flyer displayed on a website. Fixed screen display ads are usually just a solitary picture message with no music, animation, or other extras. 

Although fixed screen display advertisements are indeed popular, other display ads are more effective in increasing per-click rates and maximizing the most out of expensive ad space.

Video graphic Ads

When a business organization wants to attract the target customers, video graphic adverts outperform fixed screen display banners. Animation produces a high-quality eye-catching flow that combats advert blindness, encouraging intended people to study your content. 

Protracted commercials that give comprehensive or sophisticated descriptions of a commodity, method, or concern can also be created using visuals and sounds.

Another fantastic feature of graphic video advertising is that it may create a bit of amusement and enjoyment for consumers, making them more memorable than a fixed screen display ad.

Interactive Ads

Interactive commercials include elements that let viewers engage with the application or service right away. Gaming commercials are one example of interactive advertising. 

Advertisements for smartphone digital games are frequently interactive, allowing participants to try out a mini demonstration of the game UI contained within the ad. Ads that may be played are frequently found in other smartphone applications and entertainment platforms.

Expandable Ads

Expandable Ads are multimedia content ads that can be enlarged further than the ad division’s initial dimensions. Whenever a website loads, some stackable advertising can be set to expand periodically. Everyone else will bloom in response to consumer activity.

Expanded advertising begins in the “request condition,” wherein they take up a little space on the site. The Ad enters an “enlarged form” once it is launched, taking up more room on the screen, frequently increasing the size.

Though they are becoming more frequent on web and smartphone display platforms, extendable display ads are still rare. Although some marketing professionals believe Expandable Advertisements are too intrusive to the UX of the customer, they are an excellent way to overcome advertisement blindness and can outperform traditional display ads.

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial Ads are a digital product that has increased in popularity as mobile technology has advanced.

Interstitial adverts are complete advertisements that overlay the client’s application display. They emerge at realistic changeover moments with the programme’s simple click of a button. Certain customers might be forced to watch adverts for a specified period since they use the freeware version of the application. 

In contrast, others may spend an exclusive price to eliminate interstitial ads from their platforms interaction.

In any case, interstitial adverts are amongst the most popular ways to monetize smartphone websites and applications.

Benefits of Display Advertisements

Benefits of Display Advertisements

Display Ads are visually appealing. Display advertising is made up of visual elements and may be modified to match the look and feel of your company or product. You may be as imaginative as you want with display advertisements, using colour combinations, huge typography, multimedia, music, or vector graphics. 

Use motion to lure visitors away from the material and lure them towards where you want them to notice as another approach to distinguish apart.

A title, message, and hyperlinks are included in display advertising, just like in Google Adsense or compensation per click ads.

On the other hand, display advertising has a pictorial, multimedia, or good aspect that makes them unique. Furthermore, text limitations are included in standard SEM (Search Engine Marketing) adverts, restricting your content options. 

Display advertising enables an eye-catching message, as well as images, animation, and your corporation’s logo, to shine out and bring awareness.

1. These can be used to make consumers memorize your product while purchasing it

They make your target consumers aware of your product. Whereas paid media ads impact those ready to buy, display ads serve to pique people’s curiosity. 

According to the latest research, corporate recognition is increased by a significant rate in projects that use digital display advertisements. Display advertising has a universal appeal and is commonly seen on web pages visited by prospective clients. 

2. Remarketing

They provide chances for retargeting. This marketing strategy permits your company to place tailored display adverts in front of a specific customer segment who has recently viewed your domain when they are browsing the web. A well-placed display ad might encourage a prospective consumer to buy an item after they’ve studied your item or brand.

Remarketing is an effective technique to reach out to prospective consumers who haven’t yet bought the product or inquired. The Google Display Network offers many addressing versatility components, and you may restrict your advertisements to appear just on specified sites or omit some websites. 

You may also show off display advertising with a corporate identity or a new service that your prospective consumer saw while browsing your company’s webpage.

3. Power to control and manage your advertisement

To monitor your progress, it must be possible to quantify your advertising strategy. This is a benefit of display advertising for your company. 

One can see exactly how often the advertisements or adverts have been viewed thanks to the information it delivers. You would be guaranteed that you are getting the best out of your expenditure since you can analyze it.


Display advertisements have become a promotional standard among the Digital Marketing services known, coming to the forefront in most advertising strategies and allowing you to reach a worldwide customer base. Even though technology has been available for quite a while, it keeps growing rapidly.

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