Practical Ways To Find Joy In Small Things

Practical Ways To Find Joy In Small Things

Ways To Find Joy In Small Things

Find Joy In Small Things is rare in today’s human beings. We run after money, fame, and passion for getting a glimpse of temporary happiness.

In this article, I will tell you about the importance of little things in our life that we generally overlook most of the time. You would also know the ways through which you could get into the habit of finding happiness are small things.

Let’s get started!

Why is it important to find joy in small things?

Most people have big dreams, whether to get a luxurious house, a profitable business, and so on. It’s not wrong to aspire to such things, but the problem arises when we attach the idea of happiness through achieving such aspirations. 

Think of yourself; what do you think will bring you happiness and joy? You probably also believe that when your big goals are achieved, then you will be happy. 

However, when people get what they want, they become happy, but after a few times, they get into the same loop of unhappiness. 

So why does this happen?

Studies show that 50 percent of our happiness depends on our genetics and 10 percent on our conditions (your goals, relationships, etc.). Still, the remaining 40 percent is entirely dependent upon our state of mind. 

It means that it is essential to build a state of mind that brings more happiness and joy. 

The little things make our lives, and they are the most recurring happenings in our lives. 

If we fail to find happiness in those little things, then most of our days would seem nothing more than misery to us.

How to find joy in little things?


Gratitude- Find Joy In Small Things

Studies have shown that practicing gratitude increases positive emotions and decreases the negative emotions in our minds. 

The people who practice gratitude frequently are less likely to have symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, and other toxic emotions. 

Another study has suggested that practicing gratitude increases serotonin levels, a hormone responsible for creating happiness and joy in our brain. 

You can practice gratitude by thanking your life or God (if you believe so) for everything you have, even those things that merely have any impact on your life.

Moreover, you could also make a gratitude journal for yourself in which you write 4-5 things that you are grateful for every morning in your life. 

Sit with yourself

Sit with yourself- Find Joy In Small Things

We are so busy with our work and daily life that we forget to prioritize our time for solitude. Many people think of solitude and loneliness as a single thing. 

However, they are opposite of each other. Solitude is to take out time to understand yourself willingly. 

You could sit in a quiet place and see what thoughts you are having and how your brain connects one idea to the other. 

You can ask yourself specific questions like what are my strengths and weaknesses? For your convenience, here is a list of questions that you can ask yourself to understand better who you are.

What are the essential things in my life?

What makes me tired?

What are the things/behaviors that frustrate me?

What are the good and bad traits that I possess?

What are the things that I love the most?

What are things that I am passionate about?

What would I do today if this was my last day? 

Appreciate yourself and others

Appreciate yourself and others

Often we forget to appreciate ourselves for the things we do or accomplish, precisely the little things. 

We forget maybe because we feel those doings insignificant. However, if we cultivate a habit of appreciating ourselves and others for even little effort, our lives would be filled with more happiness, love, and joy. 

When you procrastinate to do a task but still fight it, appreciate that you have done a great job. 

You could also reward yourself for doing such small acts. It will boost your self-esteem, confidence and make you feel good about yourself. 

When you see others putting in efforts, although it might not impact your life, say to them that you have done a great job and see how their smile will brighten your face.

Practice mindfulness

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is in the form of meditation in which you become aware of your thoughts, behavior, and actions without reacting to them. 

You can practice mindfulness at any place and at any time. The studies have shown that mindfulness can help in reducing the depression and anxiety responsible for your unhappiness. 

Along with it, mindfulness helps you in bringing more clarity which enables you to perform better at work and daily physical activities. 

Help others

Help others- Find Joy In Small Things

We don’t realize that all human beings are connected as we are made of the same matter. Our emotions affect others, and others’ emotions affect us. 

Think of the last time you have helped someone; you probably had a sense of peace in your heart. Studies have shown that helping others improves our mood and reduces stress levels. You can help others in many ways; just passing a smile towards a stranger would be charitable work.

Stop worrying about things that are out of control

Stop worrying about things that are out of control

In the stoic philosophy, it is said that we become more happy and peaceful when we stop worrying about things that are out of control. 

If you realize that things beyond your control will occur as they want to be irrespective of whether you worry or not, then what is the point of worrying? 

When we understand this and welcome uncontrollable events in our lives, we tend to deal with them with much ease and satisfaction compared to worrying over them. 


We neglect small things in our life which are the most recurring ones, and they are the things that make our life.

40 percent of our happiness depends upon our state of mind, so we should cultivate our mindset to find joy in little things.

We fail to find happiness in little things because we only achieve happiness when our big aspirations are fulfilled.

You can find happiness in little things by being grateful for them.

Understanding ourselves is necessary, which could also help bring peace to our life.

You must appreciate yourself and others even for the minor task you perform. It would help you to feel good about yourself.

You could also practice mindfulness to bring stillness in your life, ultimately resulting in a more happy life.

Helping others is also a little thing that brings us happiness and peace.

It would be best to stop worrying over things that aren’t in your control because they are the happiness absorbers for you.

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