Gems in Astrology

Gems in Astrology: How to Use Them Effectively

Gems in Astrology: Gems have become a household brand in recent years, so there is no need to introduce them. No jeweler or gem trader in the world today would dare deny the magical properties of gems and their many applications.

“Gem” is defined by the oxford dictionary as a “precious stone” or “something of exceptional beauty or perfection.” Since it is made of stone, we can be confident that it comes from the ground itself. Even though many crystals and manufactured glass pieces are referred to as “gems,” they are not Gems in the above definition and are not the article’s focus.


Ancient Indian texts and mythology mention the finding and accumulating valuable jewels as part of the imperial treasure. Gifts of precious stones were given to recognize exceptional success, whether in the military or the arts.

With the decrease in the price of gems and the subsequent rise in their value as the property of the ordinary person, contemporary women may now afford to wear jewelry with gemstones.

Gems have been used as a human body replacement from ancient times and their aesthetic usage. Although these stones were thought to have magical abilities, they were employed for various purposes, from harvesting wealth to curing disease.

The famous Indian astronomer and astrologer Varahamihira’s Hora Sara is perhaps the first mainstream traditional Vedic astrological treatise to mention gems. On the theme, following works both within and outside the nation have mostly mirrored the author.

However, the chemical qualities of these natural stones were not known to civilization until the emergence of modern science and chemistry and scientific examination of the rocks began. Furthermore, it was discovered that the jewels constitute a vast reservoir of energy. For example, these stones’ color and energy vibrations work as replacements for imbalanced human body components and lead to both medical and psychological illnesses.

Science and Gems

There are scientific gem testing laboratories all over the world where the grade and genuineness of the Gems are scientifically tested, even though identification and grading of Gems used to be done through a crude and conventional method of close examination and observation by human eyes, in which the subject element was noticeable.

Many organic gemstones were tested by astrologers and indigenous doctors, who saw remarkable findings in terms of their influence on the human body. Gemstone cures have gained the lead in astrological treatments over the last several years, maybe owing to their ease of usage.

When worn on the body, Gems have a calming impact on the wearer’s physical and emotional well-being. In this context, it may not be a bad idea to discuss color therapy to cure sickness and use color concepts in different psychic healing methods.

Organic Gemstones have been scientifically proven and confirmed to transmit distinct energy vibrations. ‘Panchabootha’ or the fundamental five elements, namely Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether, produce an imbalance in the human body, leading to the three types of Doshas (Ayurvedic classification of human body chemistry), which are Vaartha, Pitta, and Kabha. These vibrations vary from gem to gem, and they can be compared to energy vibrations.

After seeing the development of Gem treatment and witnessing its healing properties, let me briefly describe the different Gems and their purposes in astrology.


Ruby has been regarded as one of the most expensive gemstones on the planet from time immemorial. It has a beautiful color, superb hardness, and stunning brightness.

The origin of rubies has long been attributed to India. Rubies are associated with the Sun in Indian astrology because of their symbolic significance representing the solar system’s supreme ruler.

Astrologically, it is employed to compensate for the Sun’s lack of power. Sun deficiency in the horoscope may lead to a lack of self-confidence and leadership characteristics, among other things. The power and disapproval of superiors, the ill will of the father and father-like figures, the government and rulers, and so on.

-cardiac or low blood, tiredness, etc. Physiological & Internal:

For those who have a weak sun in their horoscope, Ruby of excellent quality should be worn, and the weight should be at least two carats for persons of regular importance. The stone is gold and worn on the ring finger for men and women.

The organic gem of the same name is created when the nacre of a pearl oyster covers a foreign item. Although pearls were formerly scarce and expensive, they are now widely accessible because of pearl farming and are typically priced on par with gold and other expensive jewelry. Because they were generated by accident, they are very uncommon.

In terms of healing or remediation, Natural Pearl is the best.

However, since genuine pearls are either scarce or prohibitively expensive, manufactured excellent pearls may be substituted with success. On the other hand, Artificial pearls have no use in astrological terminology.

Astrology remedies

If you have a weak moon in your horoscope, try taking a pearl as a treatment. Indecisiveness, lack of bravery, immorality, a shaky will, Asthma, bronchitis, eczema, and other respiratory ailments are signs of a weak Moon in a horoscope.

Pearl can, in a nutshell, handle anything that has an emotional component. While wearing a pearl may help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with a weak moon, this should be done with care, as it might worsen the problem in instances of Asthma, bronchitis, and the like. Professional astrologers should be sought out in these situations.

Yet another biological treasure, coral, is created by microscopic living forms that colonize warm-water depths and build massive colonies there.

Astrology used for Coral

With care, I recommend red coral as a gemstone. This is not true despite the widespread belief that coral can protect against the planet’s negative consequences.


Of all the Navarathna gems, Emerald is unquestionably the most stunning. This prince of the Navarathnas Family has the most vibrant green in any biological thing. This exquisite diamond has been the subject of many a mythical tale.

The ancient Hindu sacred books, the Vedas, speak about this gem and its curative powers.

Even now, emeralds from South America are considered the greatest globally. This stone has been revered as a sacred jewel since the dawn of humanity.

Emeralds may be more expensive than diamonds if they are of high quality.

Some of the world’s finest emeralds may be found in museums and private collections across the globe.

Emerald has a wide range of applications, including:

Using emerald in astrological cures does not need much care. However, the planet’s sobriety in nature seldom results in unpleasant outcomes until it becomes a first-rate functional malefic. Academic success, focus, intellect, and educational accomplishments are all associated with this gem.

Sapphires in a yellow hue

Crystallized alumina is what sapphires are made of; they have no color at all when they’re in their purest state. A broad spectrum of colors may be found in sapphires: from pink to blue to green to yellow to orange to white.

Neelam (blue sapphire) and pukhraj (yellow sapphire) are two different terms in India. The moth’s scale has a hardness of nine and a specific gravity of 3.99. Occurrence Sapphires are discovered in India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Russia, Thailand, Australia, U.S.A., U.S., Nepal, Zambia, and Nigeria.

The Astrological Uses

It is said that those who wear the most powerful stone in the Navarathnas family would be bestowed with wealth, intelligence, good health, and the ability to understand the ultimate truths. For girls, this stone is a godsend for meeting their soul mates. A professional astrologer may recommend this stone to treat physical diseases such as biliousness, persistent liver troubles, and gallbladder stones. the giant planet in our solar system symbolized by this stone

It enhances one’s eyesight, provides stability in one’s life, guards against poverty, and alleviates depression. Diseases like diarrhea and ulcerative colitis may be treated with it.

It also helps with gout and arthritic pain in the knees, rheumatism, jaundice, sleeplessness, heart problems, impotence, and more. Wear it on your right index finger on a Thursday during the brilliant half of the lunar month in gold. For best results, the weight should be at least 6 grams.


In terms of physical attributes

Diamond is the purest form of carbon because of its low hardness and low refractive index, generally rated as “0” on the moth’s hardness scale.

Their chemical composition, diamond, coal, and graphite, are all the same. Differences in atomic bonding exist, though.


Among the countries where diamonds are discovered are South Africa, Australia; Russia; Kenya; Angola; Tanzania, Brazil, and India. Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, and Andhra Pradesh are the three states in India where diamonds may be discovered.

Identification Inclusions are necessary for the identification of a diamond. With or without magnification, these inclusions may be seen. If a diamond has no apparent imperfections, such as black spots or milk patches, it is either zirconia or a piece of glass. It is pretty unusual to find diamonds that are completely clear under magnification.

The most crucial test for a diamond is that the rear facets, which create a sequence of mirrors, reflect all light entering the stone’s front.

Diamonds in astrology

The planet Venus is symbolized by diamonds. Afflicted Venus has a negative impact on the reproductive system, marital life, and other aspects of daily life, such as financial security. It’s hard to enjoy life when Venus is feeble.

To advise and utilize this stone, one must be well-versed in astrology. It is also recognized that each stone/piece has a distinct property that may produce good or poor outcomes and, as such, requires practical usage.

Wearing a diamond is thought to be a sign of wealth and status. Additionally, it’s believed that wearing a diamond would elevate a person’s reputation, notoriety, and creative ability. The diamond is one of the most sought-after gems in the world.

It improves one’s financial situation and gives one a sense of well-being and peace of mind. It also increases one’s virility, particularly in men.

Diabetes, urinary tract disorders, private parts, syphilis, skin, and uterine problems may benefit from the gem’s use. On the right hand, the right ring fingered should be decorated with diamonds on Fridays. 14 gramme or 1 gramme is ideal.

Sapphires of the color blue

The blue sky of many hues may be found in this gemstone. However, this magnificent gem is also available in various colors, including yellow, pink, orange, and purple, in addition to the more traditional royal blue.

Earlier, we spoke about how to identify yellow.

Uses in Astrology

This is the one that has to be suggested to a topic with extreme care and in-depth investigation. If the stone is favorable, it may form a man, but if it is not, it will ruin his character. Saturn’s negative influence is so strong. Even deadly accidents or catastrophes might be caused if it is put incorrectly on a chart and worn.

Other than that, people throughout the globe utilize a variety of semi-precious and gems as good luck charms. Only Gomedh (hessonite) and Cat’s eye are recognized by Vedic astrology. The nodes in the chart may benefit from the addition of these gems.

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