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How does Google make money?

First of all, we all need to know what google is?

How does Google make money

Google is the world’s largest search engine. If you search for anything in this, you will find it.

Google is the world’s largest search engine with 6.0 billion searches per day, part of the world’s 4th largest company, Alphabet. 92% of the internet searches done all over the world are done on Google.

Do you know how Google earns money? What is its revenue model, and what is Google’s Business model? Probably not because Google is free.

So today we gonna know about How Does Google Make Money.

How was Google founded?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin created a search engine named Backrub, but later Google changed its name to Google.

Basic history of google?

Google is a multinational technology company, which provides all the products and services related to the Internet as a service between people. 

Under its service comes online technology, Search Cloud Computing, Software, and Hardware, etc.

Google is known to every person because Google has become a massive search engine, which answers any question in a few words. 

Similarly, today we are going to talk about the history of google. So, let’s start.

The history of Google is as follows.

Google was founded in January 1996 during the discovery of Larry Page and Sergey Brin; not only this, they were studying Ph.D. at Stanford University.

At that time, in his research on Ph.D. students, he defined the search engine’s name. After this, the word Google given the name of Google is made up of another word, GOOGOL (Googol).

There was a concept behind Google. Comparison between two websites of one is installed 100 zeros one after the other in Google. Initially, Stanford University used the Google search engine for Stanford University.

In its early days, Google ran the Stanford University website under a domain like This domain was registered on 15 September 1997.

Google focuses on improving how we interact with information, providing a wide variety of services and content processing tools for organizations of all sizes.

This company mainly search; advertising; operating system Application Platform Enterprises and hardware products are working in the fields etc. 

For the business purpose of making the entire information of the world accessible, Google has created a vast index of websites and other online content. 

Any searches through the Google search engine on any computer device with Internet connectivity. Google AdWords; Google Display; Google Local; mode etc.

Google did Google’s IPO in the year 2004. At this event, Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided that they would work together for 20 years.

Google did its IPO in the year 2004. At this event, Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided that they would work together for 20 years.

Therefore, by 2024, Google will reduce by becoming the operation of the company. Google shared a 19605052 offer in the IPO program. Google set the price per share at $85.

Google sold these shares online with the help of a server, which Morgan Stanley Offer Share created. Google kept the value of this share at 85 DOLLARS. Online and Credit Suisse made this share. 

Google has a market capitalization of over 23 billion from this stock. Currently, Google holds over 271 billion shares.

How does Google make money?

As we all know, Google gives us almost all the services for free; how does Google make money? For this, we have to understand Google’s business model.

Google Business model.

The parent company of Google is Alphabet which is one of the most valuable companies in the world. 

Google works on many of its services, and through all these services, the company earns money.

Before knowing how does Google make money, everyone must understand the business model of Google. 

When you search anything in Google search engine like “how to earn money,” Google first shows you a link to a website that pays Google, i.e., ads from google. Google charges money from these websites for displaying ads on its platform.

How Does Google make money?

Google company earns money in around Billion Dollars every year through its service.

Google provides many free and paid services. Google makes money from paid services only. 

Its highest earning comes from advertising. The following are the services that Google make.

  • Google Ads
  • Google AdSense
  • AdMob
  • Google Cloud 
  • Play store

After reading this article, you will understand how does Google make money.

Google Ads

How does Google make money

Its old name was Google AdWords. Google changed its name from Google AdWords to Google ads on 24 July 2018.

Google ads are the world’s largest PPC (Pay Per Click) online advertising platform. With the help of the Google ads platform, Google makes advertisements for its company and works to get your product to the right audience.

Above, I explained in the business model that Google shows ads in search, that ads are made only with the help of AdWords.

More about Google Ads to know more about how does Google make money

If you want your business, services, etc., to reach as many people as possible, you first need to advertise the business or services.

Now there are many ways to advertise like newspaper, advertisement on TV, loudspeaker and most potent Internet, etc.

Today 87% of people spend the most time on the Internet, making advertising the most profitable.

You can easily show the advertisement of your business products or services to the people of any place in the world sitting at home.

Now you must be thinking about how business is advertised on the Internet?

There are many platforms to advertise business on the Internet, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, etc., where your customers will be found for you.

Do you know that the primary source of income for Google is Google Ads? In 2010, Google earned 28 billion Dollars from Google Ads, after which its revenue is continuously increasing.

Google Ads has provided many advertising features like PPC (Cost Per Click), CPM (Per Thousand Clicks), Text, Banner, Video Ads, etc.

You can advertise your services and products on Google Ads very quickly according to your budget.

You can show Ads (Advertisements) in YouTube Videos, wherever you want on the website, Blogs, and Search Engines of the people.

Here’s a brief description of how Google make money with advertising.

How does Google make money

there are five ads to know how does google make money

  • Search Ads 
  • Display Ads 
  • Video Ads 
  • Shopping Ads 
  • App Ads

Google advertises on its websites like Blogger, YouTube, and Self Hosted Websites and Blogs of other people.

Google does not take help from any third party to place ads on its search engine. 

People who advertise on Google Ads want to show advertisements on Websites and Blogs in addition to Search Engines.

The best thing is that Google never cheats its advertising customers. Google made excellent terms and conditions for this.

You can earn money from Google by working with Google sitting at home by advertising for people; for this, you need to have a website, blog, and YouTube channel where you can show your advertisement. 

If you have a blog or website, you can also earn money by placing advertisements on your blog or website. For this, you have to attach your website to Google AdSense. 

After that, Google takes ads from Google Ads and gives them to AdSense, shown on your website, and you will get paid for it.


There are two ways to use Google AdSense. It is of use to both the advertiser and the publisher.

It is also a source of income for Google. In this too, big companies give money to Google for advertising their products. Even in this, big companies give money to Google to get their product advertised. 

Through Google AdSense, Google also provides an opportunity to other web admins to earn money.

Ads are shown on the website and YouTube through AdSense.

What is Google AdSense? How to earn money by Google AdSense? How does Google Make money?

A Google product shows the automatic text, image, and video ads on the publisher’s website or blog. Most bloggers depend on it. If your blog is allowed with AdSense, then you can place its ads on your blog.

Impressions: In this, Google pays you according to the number of times your ads are viewed. Google pays you $1 for every 1000 views.

Clicks: In this, Google pays separately according to the number of clicks on your ads.

When your account is allowed in AdSense for advertising, you can put ads on your blog and place ads on your favorite place.

Your earning increases when people click on your blog, and you can withdraw it through a check after making $100 of your earnings.


Like Google AdSense, Admob is also beneficial for both advertiser and publisher. Through this, Google shows ads from the android application and earns money from those ads.

What is AdMob? How to earn from AdMob?

As we all know, we use AdSense to monetize Website / Blog and YouTube videos and to earn money. We use AdMob to make money from our application in the same way.

When we publish the App-on-App Store and monetize it with the AdMob Ad network, after that, ads start showing on our App, and whenever someone downloads and uses our App from App Store or Google Play Store, if someone else sees our Ad then we get paid for it.

The more downloads our App from Play Store and the more people use it, the more AdMob income we can transfer to the bank every month.

Many such apps on Play Store have to be used through payment, i.e., Paid Apps. By using AdMob, we can earn money in this way also.

Google Cloud

All those services come in Google Cloud, which is G Suite, Domain, Hosting, etc. With the help of all these tools, companies bring their business online. Google earns a lot from all these tools. Recently Google’s new update has come that Google Drive will no longer be a free service, and now Google Drive will also have to be paid. That is, now Google Drive will also become a means of earning money for Google.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store is an official digital media marketplace for the Android operating system, launched by Google in 2012. It was earlier known as Android Market, but now it has been changed to Google play store.

Today, apart from Android apps and games, it distributes Play Movies and TV Shows, Play Books, Play Music, and Google devices worldwide.

In this, when we upload an app, then we have to pay Google. That’s how does google make money.

There are some more about how does Google make money

Google Maps

Google Maps is a service of Google itself. Due to this, we get many types of services.

Today, technology has increased so much that we do all the work online on our mobiles while sitting at home. Today more than half of our work is done on mobile.

In this, we can see any route (path) through smartphones. In which we can see any road (track) through smartphones. 

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a feature that listens to our voice and shows the results according to our choice. It is available mainly on smart devices and smartphones. 

With the help of Google Assistant, you can do many things easily. Like, do some search on Google to know about the weather, see the news, set the alarm, see horoscope, etc.

Google Assistant is not an app but a feature made by Google available on every Android phone.

Google Pay

Google Pay App is a Digital Payment App made by Google Company based on UPI means Unified Payment Interface, which is operated by NPCI, which manages India’s banking system.

It is very safe to make payment in this App; multiple layers of security have been used in it. You can make many types of digital payments with Google Pay App-like-

  • Receive and send payment.
  • You can request to make money.
  • It contains the history of all transactions.
  • You can get good rewards on receiving or accepting payment.
  • You can choose your preferred offers for payment.
  • Electricity, Gas, Water, DTH, Mobile, etc., Google pay can pay bills with Google Pay.
  • With Google Pay, you can quickly transfer money to the nearest people without giving any of your details.
  • The unique feature of the Google Pay App is Tap For Cash Mode, in which you can send money to any person near you without anyone telling your details. 
  • It is capable of transferring money like data transfer apps. It does the transaction with just one click.

I hope in this article (How does Google make money) you must have understood that even after Google provides most of the services for free. How does google make money through advertising and give us a chance to earn money.

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