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Discord For Gamers

Discord For Gamers: Discord is becoming a gamer’s friend day by day. It is growing in popularity as it provides every tool for communicating and playing games at ease. Discord is becoming famous for playing and communicating with your friends.

With this excellent application, you can easily have your own space and freedom to talk on the servers. If you want to join multiple servers and create your servers, Discord is the ultimate winner.

Discord is available for every device, and that’s why it has become the most downloaded app in the play store.

Not only for gaming, but it also helps you connect with your friends and listen to music whenever you want to.

Discord has this excellent feature to update your status if you want to show off your listening music or which game you are playing to your friends. 

Are you wondering how to change your game status on Discord Manually?

Discord For Gamers

You may be amazed to know that Discord comes with an excellent feature, i.e., it can auto-detect which song you are playing or which game you are playing so that nobody disturbs you when you are in a whole mood to chill.

For example, if you are playing Valorant, it will recognize the game and show it in your status.

Discord has some verified games, so the database knows and recognizes them in the task manager. When you are playing a game they have in their database; it will populate the status on your profile. One cannot put the verified games manually, but you change or edit for unverified ones.

You need to open the game you wish and run the discord application in the background to show off your discord status.

Step 1. Double click to open the Discord and scroll down to user settings

Step 2. Now you will see an option named game activity and click on it

Step 3. If you are playing an unregistered game, add the game or program you wish to from the menu itself.

Step 4. Click on the option “Display currently running game as a status message” and switch it on.

Note: The program should run in the background to show you the status. Also, you can follow the steps which are mentioned. But it should be kept in mind that the steps are provided for unregistered games.

After completing the steps, Discord will show the status as long as you run the program in the background. And by chance, if you close the discord application, it will be restored to the default message. 

Now you may wonder how to change the status of Discord for verified programs?

So let’s see the steps for verified games.

You can’t change the name or edit it when we talk about registered games. But although you can choose to show or hide the status, you are playing.

So, for example, you are playing Valorant, and you wish to hide the status from the friends, you need to open an unregistered game or any program and rename it to something else.

Many programs are beneficial when using Discord; for example, with Notepad++ running in the background, you can always put a custom message and play on with the game. But it’s not assured that this trick will work 100%.

Changing the status is always being clever by making the world mad. You can always easily show you are working, but you enjoy the game behind the scenes. 

You are now wondering how to change the status if you want to discord if you play a game on your smartphone?

There are many ways to change the status of your smartphone. You can set a custom status by going to the user settings and then clicking on the game activity.

If you want to put it short or long, you can easily do it in Discord.

For Smartphone-

Step 1. Go to three dots from the left

Step 2. Search for your username 

Step 3. Click on it

Step 4. See your status

Step 5. Click on the custom status

Step 6. Write the status you wish to show the world

If you are using a desktop, you will see many options to update your activity compared to the mobile app. But if you want to change the game activity, you can easily do it from the mobile itself, and if you want to update the activity, you can do it from both devices, i.e., smartphone and desktop.

Note that you can only change or access the activity from the app itself and can’t do it from the web browser. Although the game you are playing on the desktop will be updated from the background.

Also, Discord comes with additional options like linking your accounts like Spotify, Xbox, or youtube. That’s why it is recommended to use Discord on a desktop where you use maximum features. On a smartphone, you can use Discord, but it has fewer features to use. 

How to change the status manually?

There are four options on Discord that you can choose from: idle, online, dnd mode, and lastly, invisible. This feature is handy as it displays you online or AFK ( Away from keyboard).

Although if you want to change the status manually, you just have to click right and choose which status you want. And as mentioned above, if you close the discord app, it will be set to default, and you have to change the settings again.

How to change the game activity if you are unable to see it?

Many new users face this issue, although it’s not an issue they might be unaware of regarding these settings. So, this article will certainly help you solve this problem.

If you are using any other browsers like Mozilla, Safari, Chrome, you won’t see these features. All you need to do is download the application from the play store and Apple Store, or Windows to see the settings.

After completing the installation process, go through the article, follow the steps, and change the status quickly.

Discord is like a lifesaver for both gamers and nongamers; you can do anything on it like watch games by casting, playing games, listening to music. It doesn’t cost a penny but provides every feature. That’s why it is a widely used application.


Discord provides you with the best features to choose your customized option where you can easily fool your friends. Playing around with friends is the best thing to do. You can easily change it by following the steps mentioned in this article. 

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