How to sell NFT?

How to sell NFT?

When you reach this step, you’ll have done everything you can to get authentic ownership of the token. Now you can freely sell it in the appropriate way. It’s a simple process if done in proper ways. 

Otherwise, a little mistake can bring a huge loss for you. So, follow each strategy effectively and enjoy the considerable profit.

The process to sell NFT

The process to sell NFT​

It’s totally up to you that you Once HODL it or sell it. For selling, list the token on a marketplace. Click on your NFT in the collection that you want to sell and click the “sell” button.

 You’ll reach a pricing page that offers you set the terms of the sale. You can fix either an auction sale or a fixed price. NFTs are usually sold for ETH or ERC-20 tokens. Some companies only offer you sell for the native token of their blockchain, 

You can also earn royalties for your artwork each time user sells your token to a new collector. In OpenSea, users set this up via the “edit” button and make use of the option of programming royalties into an NFT. You would get royalties via different ERC-20 tokens. 

After selecting that option, you can earn royalties automatically via smart contracts.


How to promote NFT for maximum sales?

By observing the pattern of NFT investors, we can find out the best ways of selling our NFT with maximum profit. Investors even love to share their experience on their own about how they promoted their work so others can get the benefit. NFT World has taken digital art to the next level over a matter of weeks. 

Today, it has become possible to sell your work for considerable money. Recently, the value of Ether, the currency considered in this market, increased ten times, and it was claimed that it was only the beginning. So, we can expect huge progress in this market.

As we discussed in the previously, if you tokenize your asset using Opensea, Rarrible, Super rare, or Makers Place, don’t consider that your job is accomplished. It’s not like you have to be relaxed now and there will be a queue of customers to offer a considerable amount on your product.

 You must have to promote it to access maximum buyers. This is the strategy experienced artists mainly use to raise profit. Let’s see the top ten strategies you have to follow for promoting your work.


Twitter​ - NFT

People having more than 10 thousand Instagram followers consider inserting links using that, and this is the real issue for them. How many sales will be observed can be determined by the links to the next auctions that are widely shared? 

Users move towards the gallery via “link in bio.” However, this is not too effective. As this platform offers the option to share links, it’s now considered the go-to platform where you can spread the word about crypto art sales. 

In some previous years, Twitter was not much visual platform. Now, many people have discovered that it can work much better than Instagram.

“Twitter allows you to share several images at the same time while still putting the text in a place of importance because it’s the first thing one sees,” stated illustrator and designer Óscar Lloréns (@ollorens). 

The artist who invested seven of the eight works he put up for sale on Foundation. He realized that Twitter works wonderfully work for presenting a series, the format that’s really well received in the current market.

The other considerable service Twitter offers is the feedback: retweeting and sharing the work of other artists assisting in the creation of a network and community.

2. Don't neglect Instagram

Don't neglect Instagram

After reading our previous suggestions, don’t think about completely ignoring Instagram. When you’re standing to sell your work, you must all social media platforms play to do maximum promotion of your asset. No doubt, Twitter is the best platform to share links. 

However, artists advised that if you have many followers on Instagram, don’t neglect it where it doesn’t matter how much modest it is. Instagram still offers a space to show your portfolio. You can show not only your ongoing projects but also the successfully done past jobs. The evolution and trajectory of your work can be decisive for buyers.


3. Use hashtags correctly

Use hashtags correctly

In this modern world, millions of images and conversations occur simultaneously. The appropriate way to build circles is by following the right hashtags. In this way, your chance to be seen by collectors and other artists will raise. 

The twelve most used hashtags are:

#nft, #nftart. #nftartist , #nfts. #nftcollector, #nftcommunity. 

#cryptoart, #cryptoartist, #nftphotography, #nftanimation, #nftvideo, #digitalart.

It would help to consider some of the above terms or tags in your profile description. They will work both for Instagram and Twitter.

4. Share more than just work

“Sharing the creative process, showing how your work is put together, what inspires you, is something that seems to spark great interest,” stated 3D illustrator Zigor Samaniego (@zigorb).

 He was a proficient Spanish artist who stepped into the NFT universe when it was initially. He participated in the auction Nifty Gateway gallery held in October 2020. That secured him $10,000. Then, he gave special focus on Since self-promoting ways. 

He said: “I understand that it helps to generate interest during the weeks leading up to an auction.”

So, how can you do this appropriately? Through sharing fragments of a piece, time-lapses, and previews of details. There’s also a lot of buzzes generated by images of artists working in their studios.

5. Seeking out collectors... or not

According to the observation, on Twitter, you’ll face people that claim to have considerable money to invest in crypto art and try to be convinced. They can be genuine, but often they’re not.

 So, is it’s okay finding out the collectors, convincing them for sale by sending private messages? The experienced NFT artists advised us only to consider those who have previously bought your work or have at least bid on your job at the auction. 

In this way, you’ll be able to perform stress-free work while saving both your time and energy.

6. Discord forums

Discord forums- NFT

Discord is a social group chatting platform that allows users to communicate easily for various purposes. It was considered the Slack for gamers and these days also for crypto artists.

It also offers more professional features such as storing and sharing documents and material. Crypto galleries usually provide a chat box that users can join to show their work to others.

Some groups are less or more private, by which you can get an invitation. There are also rooms for main collectors that are now considered legendary in the NFT art world. Users are not allowed to have access to them. People who manage to enter are elite.

7. Promotion on Reddit

Promotion on Reddit- NFT

Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website.

Reddit is a social news aggregator, the community of which has voting powers. The post receiving a lot of votes goes higher in Reddit rankings. So, more people can see it. On the other hand, the post receiving low votes goes down. 

So, its visibility becomes challenging for viewers. You can freely showcase your work in artist community threads–like They have around 8 million users. Not only this, but you can also research challenging terminologies that you can’t understand in the forum. 

8. Newsletters about NFTs

Newsletters about NFTs

NFT trend hunters try to get artworks with increased selling potential. Among which NFT Hunters is the considerable one. This website sends a list including top works to its Telegram accounts or subscriber Email. You’ll get this single or twice times a week.

In some important cases, like if there’s a trend in the market or some breaking news, they will send an extra email with all the details. Do you want your artworks to be pitched for these trend hunters’ consideration? It’s so simple. Just send an Email to the website managers. The address is given on the website for your convenience.

9. Collaborations

Collaborations- NFT

Together is better in the NFT world. Both in the -so-big leagues and big collaborations are trending. Recently, visual artists Art Camp, Danae Gosset, Danica, and German DJ Boys Noize teamed up to create a clip that sold for $25,000.

The identical sum was exchanged when Eric Chou joined forces with filmmaker Wing Shea and Hong Kong visual artist. A similar pattern appears in the smaller leagues: days ago, a collaboration of 100 little-known artists was sold for seven times the amount originally put on Rarible: raising $89k.

10. Staying true to yourself as an artist

Staying true to yourself as an artist- NFT

By observing the current economic crisis, you can clearly understand why many artists are considering NFTs. Investors who have already left with profit can realize how addictive it can all feel. 

“It’s all so new and unpredictable that creates this feeling that it will all be over tomorrow, and so you have to take advantage of it now,” claimed Lloréns.

However, he also warned us of the risks we could face while spending so much energy on NFTs. “I think it’s important not to get obsessed with doing what the market suggests and instead focus on producing art with personality.

After all, that’s the opportunity the NFT world is giving us: the opportunity to stop thinking about a client and focus on you as an artist,” he advises.

When and how to Sell Your NFTs

If you want to sell your NFT with maximum profit, you must have known the best time and ways for trading. However, it’s quite challenging to understand, but you don’t need to be worried.

Here’s below the strategies to be considered to have a smooth working pathway with awesome results.  

Have an exit strategy

The exit strategy is the plan about when the user will sell NFT. We suggest you make one before buying. For selecting the time for selling, you have to determine whether you’re following long-term trade or a short-term one. 

If the user doesn’t plan, it’ll become challenging to spot those factors and have a rational business. Without a plan, you’ll lead to trading solely based on emotions like greed, and fear, which can lead to losses.

Short-term hold

It can work for roughly a few days to a few weeks. The strategy usually revolves around riding the hype around a project. You’ll have to become active when a good price is offered and sell quickly when users’ interest in the project is peaking. 

For this, you’ll have a deep focus on the trading volume of your project and user number for signs of slow progress. If you can’t find the source to check those stats, go for the website providing direct links.

Moreover, keep checking social media platforms, especially Twitter and other relevant community groups, getting an idea of current sentiment about your project’s growth.

In this way, you’ll be able to know about people’s negative and positive feedback and the number of people talking about the project.’

Long-term hold

Depending upon the circumstances and trends in the market, some NFT projects have great potential as a long-term hold. So, if you’re following this strategy, don’t be an early bird for trading.

Instead, search out the projects that have been around extensive enough to offer a solid track record of community and demand growth. If the project considers a game, wait for some aspects of the game to be playable and for a considerable number of people to embrace it. 

Moreover, ensure your NFT is in a good rarity category that will not get significant supply inflation until you hold it.  

Watch trading volume

Observe how NFTs identical to yours are changing hands and ensure rates fit your strategy. If you consider short term flip and there’s only a single trade a week with many competitors, then you’ll have a challenging time exiting the business when you planned.

The way of trading volume to be changed is significant. If there are more collectors (the market’s liquidity is increasing in another term), then it’s secure to hold onto the NFT and set your listing price high until you wait for the buyer. 

On the other hand, if there are fewer buyers (liquidity is decreasing) when you’re planning to sell, you’ll unwillingly have to reduce your prices to attract buyers before there is no one to buy your asset.  

Pricing strategy

The rate you’ll set while listing your NFT depends upon the duration of the holding period, seller competition, market trends, and your expectation for profit. Imagine you own an NFT and plan to sell it in 24 hours. If it’s identical to comparable NFTs sold about five times per day, you should set your rate in a way yours’ be considered one of the five lowest prices.

Fixing the price through this method is not the exact science and can become less precise with time. Don’t be stick to the price. Keep on updating it following the market trends. Before selling, consider a loose plan for the price you’re expecting for your NFT. 

Without planning, it’ll be challenging to make decisions at a good time. However, it’s good to modify your plan and prices while observing market trends instead of locking yourself to a single project.

In behavioral finance, there’s a related theory called the deposition effect. It’s the tendency for sellers to sell their winning investments early and hold onto losers for a long time. We’re showing everything to you to learn not to repeat the mistakes traders have already made. If prices go higher than what you initially expected, you can freely raise your sale price. 

If it performs negatively, you should reduce the cost and patiently bear the loss. Seeing your buyer purchasing a huge profit while letting you in a loss can be emotionally challenging. However, it’s essential to do when the market is not progressing your way. The asset value can go to 0, and you’ll get some money back and then reinvest in at the best time. 

Average out your exit

Like markets for cryptocurrencies or stocks, it’s near to impossible that you’ll see at the exact peak of an NFT market. Just think your own about how you can sell everything at the top. It’s an ideal goal, and ideality doesn’t exist. 

So, if you own multiple assets simultaneously, sell them with the fractions of time instead of all at once. It’ll decrease the risk of everything of sale too early or holding onto all your NFTs too long. Short term hold may refer to spacing out sales by some days, and for a long-term hold, it may mean selling every few weeks or months. 

Auction or fixed price

Fixed price listing is the common way to set your NFT sale price. It means what you have to do is just put your NFT on a marketplace at a certain price and patiently wait for a buyer to come and pay it. 

Another way to sell your NFT is through Dutch auction (you can consider any auction depending upon your demand and choice). Users choose an initial price, auction duration, and ending price in a Dutch auction. Then the price begins to reduce depending upon the afford of buyers. The auction ends when finally when buyers get ready to buy NFT. 

Dutch auctions are proven to be helpful when the NFT marketplace is unclear. It lets you begin the listing at a favorable price and then steadily lower it within an acceptable range. You can also consider them when you want to liquidate an NFT. Set the rate to decrease from somewhat low to low. You can get a sale on the higher end. It will not be possible if you just set NFT at a low fixed price. 

We hope this chapter clarifies everything you should know for selling your NFT with maximum profit. Choose a good platform, promote your NFT, and keep on modifying your plan until you don’t get a reliable buyer. Be well-focused at every step because the action taken in a moment can affect your whole life.

NFT Stocks

NFT Stocks

You must have advanced-level knowledge of NFT stocks for better trading. After a lot of observation, we have come up with the top ten NFT stocks you should consider for trading. 

Top five NFT Stocks to Consider Investing In​

NFT stocks are considered relatively new on the investment horizon; the following list will give you a solid initial point to assist in making a better decision.

1. Coinbase

Most probably, at this level, you have a basic idea of Coinbase. It’s one of the best crypto investing and trading platforms in the World. Due to them, it has now become easier for everyone to purchase, sell, and exchange different cryptocurrencies.


In real life, Coinbase has made purchasing crypto so convenient. It moved towards the bandwagon after riding the NFT wave throughout 2021and created an authentic and actual NFT marketplace. This is how individuals worldwide can purchase and trade NFTs. 


Coinbase offers services around all aspects of the NFT and crypto community. It can be a stock worth watching in the long-term and nearby. As the NFT market continues to develop, you can see this as a way for Coinbase to raise its revenue base. It predicts good outcomes for its investors in the future.  

2. Twitter

We also discussed the significance of this platform for NFT trading. However, realizing its more role in other aspects is crucial. It has recently shown a desire to support the NFT movement. 


Due to this communication platform, it has become possible for people to sell their tweets by turning them into NFTs. So, you’ll have to add yourself to Twitter’s bottom line in the coming years. It’s not like some quick fad. It has jumped on board with NFTs world showing its staying power.


It’s converting the organization into the user-friendly organization that people nowadays are looking for. Twitter has announced its plan to incorporate NFT verification into its company. This solidifies its spot in the NFT space. Now Twitter users can connect their web3 wallet to their profile to show the NFT they have and verify the digital products offered are owned by the user using the profile.


The reason why Twitter progressed so rapidly to associate NFTs with its brand is a significant sign that Twitter is probably capable enough to be a solid NFT stock worth looking into.

3. Nike

Nike is the main organization to consider for the NFT trading. They have remained the world leader in terms of apparel, especially sneakers. The garments should be capable of retaining their value and the product people love to have. 

The company has accessed a patent by which they can make NFTs out of many of its designs and iconic shoes. These digital goods will be sold in the store they are creating across numerous metaverses


We can say that the company is creating and offering its services and products to buyers in both the virtual and real World. It attracts uncountable buyers and investors who follow NFT’s long-term value and Nike as a brand in general. 

So, it’s reliable enough to consider while investing your time and money. However, doing more and more research has always remained a good choice. 

4. Microsoft

The company recently planed to reward players with a specific number of NFTs that they can consider inside Minecraft (one of the most famous games of the World). So, this opens up the NFT world to a completely new customer base. 


The consideration of NFTs in gaming encourages players to reach various parts of the game and extend their playing horizons. Workers can also extend it to the other games with the advanced technology coming in the future. Microsoft claimed that they are building out some platforms to be used virtually, from any World location inside the Metaverse. 


So, individuals around the World will become able to present powerpoints, attend meetings, and run a business in a virtual environment from any part of the World. In our opinion, we consider the potential for this stock is so high. 

5. Meta

Facebook is showing the new face that’s about to consider NFT World by storm. In 2021, it was announced to be rebranded as the Meta Platform. It will now define what it refers to be virtual in the next years. 


The name changes, but the Facebook (Meta) mission’s mission remains the same. The task was to link individuals all around the World. However, it can position Meta to capitalize on the new trends towards NFTs and the virtual realm called the Metaverse. 


If you think like Facebook can’t grow longer, you’re wrong. With Meta making such bold and innovative moves in this space, there’s no uncertainty in my mind that Meta will be considered one of the top NFT stocks in the future.  

The five companies are just considered tending to be famous brand names. They have assisted NFT stocks to appear in the mainstream in the investment world. 


Consider all carefully and then decide which of them suits you well according to your complete investment strategy. You have to do detailed research and then make an authentic decision that tends to pay you in the end. Be cautious about each step and try consulting experts.


They will guide you well due to being informed of loses and gains of various platforms. In this way, you’ll be able to repeat the mistake they made in their time.

Problems and controversies surrounding NFT

Until now, we only discussed the benefits of using NFT. You know very well anything in this World can’t be ideal. Everything has some problems with it. Similarly, NFT even after being a reliable, modern token with multiple benefits, have numerous issues with it. 


There are also several controversies resulting due to its unique terminologies. That was unacceptable to some users, and they took serious action. Let’s see some considerable problems and disputes surrounding NFT:

Problems with Owning NFT:

In the previous chapter, we discussed how to get complete ownership of NFT. Even if you take every step so efficiently, there’s a chance that you’ll get stuck somewhere or have to face some problems in claiming your ownership. 


NFTs show strange behavior; they couldn’t be owned outright. For example, if you invest $8 million for the World’s unique stamp, you’ll just get the small piece of paper. It’ll be kept in a glass case in the library of the huge mansion we consider millionaire collectors own. 


This is positioned in sharp contrast to NFTs, which aren’t owned. For instance, Sina Estavi, a Malaysian businessman, purchased Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s first tweet for almost $3 million. 


Now, it’s distinct from How-To Geek that had million of bucks laying around and purchased the tweet from Mr. Estavi or licensed it from him. We copied the tweet and pasted it in our book. 


You can do the same and paste the tweet anywhere. Just right-click, click “Save Image,” and you’ll become the proud buyer of a poorly spelled tweet. In this way, you’ll not even break the law or anything…

Certifiably Crazy

It’s because Mr. Estavi didn’t get ownership of the tweet. He just got the certificate of authenticity that demonstrates that he owns that tweet. In the practical world, it’s just like purchasing the deed for a house but not the house itself. 


However, you invested the same for the act as for the home. 

On a technical basis, NFTs are secured under copyright. Harry Richt, the New York lawyer, told people through his email that “by default, the author of an NFT retains all the exclusive rights, including the right to create copies of the work […] the purchaser of the NFT gains the right to display or sell that particular NFT.”


 Mr. Richit also claimed that the author also has the right to take action against people who violate that copyright.


The other lawyer, Max Dilendorf, also belonged to New York, stated the same. He much focused on that the intellectual takeover of NFTs is “a contractual question, depending on the platform” you purchase the NFT from. Various platforms have different copyright rules.

Securing the Insecure

There are some legitimate concerns regarding the security of your NFT token. For instance, Vice told a story about how hackers hacked one NFT platform. It’s unpredictable that if the website is unsafe or the users. However, the main concern is that NFTs worth millions of dollars were stolen. 


The second issue related to this is more serious yet strange. The verge demonstrated this in detail. However, in short, the authenticity certificate you get is not a certificate as much as a link to your purchase record. If the server goes down, your proof of ownership will become out of access, and you’ll not get it back. 


Individuals have invested millions for this digital asset, and it can wipe out completely with just a single server malfunction. So, plan to secure your NFT to avoid a big loss properly.

Brass Tacks

NFTs appear more like a membership card than anything else. Getting ownership of one is like a badge linked to a group. It may be like some individuals are sharing the special piece of art, or maybe it’s just to claim that you have enough money to burn-the ultimate purpose of splurge throughout the ages.


NFT is only a stamp to a stamp collector (philatelist). Most people see paper color while the collector considers value. Where normal people see a bit of code, NFT traders see something valuable having. The value and importance of NFT depend on how special it has been designed to seem. 


When you create, purchase or sell an NFT using Ethereum, you’re supposed to look over some of the emissions produced by miners. We have to consider whether NFTs are raising emissions from Ethereum or if they’re only looking over for emissions that miners generated anyway. 


Without NFTs, you’ll plug away at polluting and puzzles. NFTs are still a minute portion of all. 

Ethereum transactions.


Determining the responsibility of NFT for fault or wrong is a bit like calculating your emissions’ share from a commercial plane flight, according to the words of the founder of nonprofit blockchain, Joseph Pallant. Imagine you’re on the plan. You’ll be responsible for a portion of its emissions. 


However, if you haven’t purchased the ticket, the plane will probably have taken off with other travelers and polluted the same amount anyway.


People’s behavior becomes a considerable problem when it determines trends. If more people plan to begin flying who hadn’t decided to go before, an airline will probably operate additional flights. It’ll lead to more emissions overall. 


“Many NFT transactions send a stronger economic signal to the miners who may lead to increased emissions,” according to Susanne Köhler, a Ph.D. doctor who researches required blockchain technologies at Denmark’s Aalborg University. 


If NFTs considerably raise the Ethereum value, individuals will probably try to profit by increasing the machines they use. More devices usually refer to more pollution. In this way, severe decay will spread and give negative outcomes. This leads to introducing negativity in individuals about NFTs, and controversy begins. 


So, this was all about the problems and controversies revolving around NFT. The intention to you aware of these is not to let you cancel your plan to buy NFT or give depression if you have already bought them. That was because of increasing your knowledge about this market. 


Now, you’ll feel confident about resolving upcoming problems and have comfortable trading.


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