Hegemonic Culture

Hegemonic Culture

The affirmation of cultural identity is a resistance to colonialism and neoliberalism that perpetuates the hegemonic culture. Glasgow (2019) criticized the hegemonic culture perpetuated by the mass media in that the dominant class who owns the media conditioned the economic base into binaries. This leads to what Zayani (2011) calls the issue of cultural standardization …

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GLOBAL CITY – What is Global City?​

What is Global City? Global cities are brain centers, critical areas, and centers of knowledge that guide the global economy. Saskia Sassen popularized the phrase Global City. Initially, she picked three worldwide cities: New York, London, and Tokyo. These nations have the centers in global banking and capitalism. She emphasizes the movement of knowledge and …

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China Economic Rise

China Economic Rise- China vs. United States

China Economic Rise: China was one of the most remarkable powers until its downfall in the mid-1900s. However, with the aid of its new government, the Republic of China is hitting its all-time highs in many aspects. China has seen the most exponential growth of all states. The rise began about 20 years ago. However, …

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