How to Develop a Winning Brand Strategy for Small Business

A brand strategy is your blueprint for the future of your business. It’s what you need to hit the ground running and stay on top of your game. Developing a winning brand strategy requires a mix of creativity, analysis, and common sense.Your brand strategy should reflect the needs of your customers and the goals you want to achieve. 

In order to create a successful brand strategy, you will need to do some soul-searching and understand who you are as well as how to market yourself. Here are some ways that will help you develop a winning brand strategy for your small business.

What Is A Brand Strategy?

A brand strategy is what your company stands for. It’s the way you want to be perceived by your customers. Developing a successful brand strategy requires research and understanding of what it means to develop a strong, recognizable brand.


successful brand strategy for bakery

What does this mean? If your business is a bakery, then your brand would be associated with food that is fresh and flavorful. If you offer accounting services, then your brand would be associated with being a reliable accountant who provides personalized service. 

The point of developing a strong brand is to stand out from the competition and convey an identity that resonates with your customer base. Branding doesn’t just happen overnight; it takes time and careful planning before it becomes part of your company’s everyday operations. 

As you can see, developing a winning brand strategy isn’t one size fits all. To create an effective plan for your small business, keep reading for tips on how to develop meaningful branding strategies that will help you grow your business in the long run.

Why Develop A Brand Strategy?

Creating a brand strategy for your small business is essential for continued success. Your strategy will help you stay on-brand and consistently target your ideal customer base. The key to developing a successful strategy is understanding who you are as a company and what you want to achieve. A winning brand strategy will include an analysis of the following:

1) What is your desired brand image?

2) What does it mean to be “on-brand?”

3) How can this translate into marketing strategies?

4) What are the three most important messages you want to convey about yourself?

5) What do you want people to remember about your company?

6) Who is your target audience?

Once you’ve answered these questions, create a plan that reflects their answers. Make sure that everyone in your company knows what it means to be “on-brand” and how they can contribute to meeting the goals of the company. You’ll need a team effort if you want success!

What To Include In Your Plan For Brand Strategies?

What To Include In Your Plan For Brand Strategies

A brand strategy is the backbone of your marketing campaign. It will help you create a cohesive and engaging message for your target audience. In order to develop a successful strategy, you need to do some soul-searching and understand who you are as well as how to market yourself.

First, you need to determine your target audience and their needs. Who are they, what do they love doing, what are their hobbies? The more you know about them the easier it will be to create a brand strategy that will resonate with them.

Next, it’s time to explore what makes your brand unique. What are you known for? What makes you stand out from other companies in your niche? This is where your values come in handy. They can help you decide on the best way to market yourself so that your customers can easily find you online.

Finally, you need to decide on the tone of voice that will best represent your brand and target audience. Once again this is where values come into play as they can help you create a tone of voice that matches both who you are and how customers perceive your company.

As for the actual plan itself, it should include these key components:

  • Your target market
  • Your goals/objectives
  • A marketing plan for each of your channels (online and offline)
  • How you will measure your results and make adjustments to your strategy over time.

Once you have all this information, it’s time to create a robust social media plan that will help you achieve the goals you set out to accomplish in the first place. Remember that having a plan is useless if you don’t take action and execute on it!

How To Develop A Winning Brand Strategy

The first step to developing a winning brand strategy is defining your company. You need to know who you are and what your goals are in order to be successful.

Let’s say you want to develop a high-quality product that will compete with products from large companies like Nike. In order for your company to have the potential to do that, you must research the needs of customers, keep up with trends in the industry, and work hard to offer better service.

After establishing who you are, the next step is understanding your customer’s needs. It would be hard for you to succeed if you didn’t understand what your customer wanted from your business. For example, if you’re trying to target teenagers but all of your brandings is geared towards adults, it’s not going to work out very well for you. 

The final step in developing a winning brand strategy is following through on it. You need to be disciplined in following through on the steps necessary for success; otherwise, it’s just wasted time and money.

Define Your Brand’s Personality

One of the most important aspects of defining your brand is being able to create its own personality. A brand strategy  should have a clear voice, which is what separates it from competitors. If you’re having trouble figuring out your voice, try asking yourself these questions: 

  • What are your company values? 
  • Who are your ideal customers? 
  • What do you want people to think about when they think about your brand?

Once you figure out how you want to be seen in the world, it’ll be easier for you to define who your brand is and how it stands out from other brands. 

One way you can build a strong brand that people will remember is by focusing on one aspect of your business and building it into something larger than life. This will help establish an authoritative online presence for your company and get people excited about whatever you offer.

Narrow Down Your Focus

Branding is all about finding a niche and understanding your customer. You want to find something that you are passionate about and can become an expert in.

 Before building your brand, take time to research what you offer and learn why people buy from your company. From there, narrow down what type of customer you want to reach. For example, if your company offers nutrition products for athletes, it would be important to target the right demographic.

It’s also important to narrow down where you want customers to engage with the brand.

For example, if you’re an athletic clothing company, then social media would be a great place to engage with customers. But if your company sells furniture, then focusing on TV ads or magazines would make sense.

Write A Tagline

One of the first steps to building a branding strategy that works is to come up with a tagline. Your tagline should be one sentence long and sum up what your brand stands for.

For example, Coca-Cola’s famously simple tagline – “The Pause That Refreshes” – has created a sense of refreshment for more than 100 years. Hershey’s, on the other hand, wants to provide consumers with “A Little Bit Of Sweetness In Every Bite” to enjoy with their family and friends.

Create A Graphic Identity

Making sure that your graphic identity is cohesive and conveys your goals and values will help you create a strong brand. One way to do this is with your logo. Customers make judgments about your company based on the logo, so make sure it’s easy to read, matches the feel of your company, looks professional, and has some character. Your color scheme should also tie in with your logo to signal what kind of company you are.

Create A Voice For Your Brand

One of the most important steps in creating a branding strategy is developing your brand’s voice. Your brand’s voice is what sets you apart from your competitors and allows you to provide consistent, meaningful customer experiences.

Brands don’t just have a name, logo, and slogan. They have an entire story that needs to be told through every touchpoint with your customers. It’s important to find a voice that’s true to who you are as a business and aligns with who you want to be.

Craft Your Messaging And Positioning

A successful branding strategy starts with crafting your messaging and positioning. There’s no point in developing a strong logo just for it to be used on a different message entirely. Establishing your company’s identity is the key to building a brand that resonates with customers and potential clients.

Create A Brand Book

Creating a brand book is the first step in creating a successful brand strategy. A brand book includes the personality of your company, what you offer, who your customers are and how you want to be perceived. It also includes things like fonts, colors, logos, etc. This should be shared with all employees so that they can remain consistent with the brand’s image.


A brand strategy is a plan that allows you to identify the most important things to do to grow your business. You’ll need to decide how you want to position your company and the products or services you offer, and then focus your marketing, sales, and other initiatives accordingly.

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